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Q: If energy makes America great, why does the Obama administration want us to use less and less of it? 

Q: When America's effective and economical energy has given us a competitive advantage, why does the White House continue to push policies that make energy more expensive? 

Q: When the countries with the best human health and the most material wealth are the countries with the highest energy consumption, why are American's made to feel guilty for our energy use?

A simple look at a satellite photo of the Korean peninsula at night offers a clue to the answers to these questions. The communist country of North Korea is black, while the democratic, developed, and capitalist country of South Korea is ablaze with lights.

Energy is the basis of industry and construction. It is central to our freedom to come and go as we choose. It is the foundation of a free-market economy. When you take away energy, you take away freedom!

Of course we have brought to our members, some of New Mexico's best energy advocates and go-to experts.  

Marita Noon:

Executive director of Energy Makes America Great Inc., will start us off with an overview of energy, politics and the economy and how they are all inextricably connected. Marita is on a country-wide sprint, addressing one large forum after another and a guest on some of the biggest radio programs in America.

Gerges Scott:

Leads the energy unit at Agenda Global, where he has been directly involved in efforts to push for approval of the Keystone pipeline. 

Kent Cravens:

A former NM State Senator, who currently serves as Director of Governmental Affairs at New Mexico Oil and Gas Association will bring the discussion home by addressing New Mexico's oil and gas industry and its contribution to the state economy.

Some questions you can expect to be answered include:

  • Why is energy so important? Why does the White House punish cost-effective fuel sources such as coal, while propping up failing green-energy projects?
  • Why the sudden emphasis on "fracking?"
  • Will the Obama Administration ever approve Keystone pipeline? Why is it such a big deal?
  • What would happen to New Mexico's economy if every county banned fracking as Mora County has? What is the status of the San Miguel Country proposal?

A broader look at our panelist

Gerges Scott
Vice President
At Agenda Global, Gerges Scott leads the energy unit that helps industry clients overcome challenges related to regulatory, government, media and community support. He also heads the company's Media and Community Relations Unit, drawing on his extensive broadcast and journalism experience to advise on broad media strategies, addresses crisis communications challenges and create custom media training programs.
Gerges has represented an array of organizations - from industry coalitions to actively producing energy companies. He also has a blended background in extractive and alternative energy and specific knowledge of issues related to oil,gas, uranium, solar and coal development - as well as land use, water and other other industry issues.
Gerges comes to the company with more than 30 years of combined professional experience in the media and government sectors. During his accomplished broadcast career Gerges served in several capacities, having been a reporter, producer and executive producer at both the affiliate and network level, including "48 Hours" and "CBS Evening News" with Dan Rather, where he developed stories and covered everything from major breaking headlines to in-depth investigative pieces. He now shares his insider knowledge of news and the media among the Agenda team - and with clients facing tough media challenges.
As communications director for the New Mexico Corrections Department during the

Johnson Administration, Gerges developed his expertise in crisis communications strategy and federal regulatory and legislative issues-institutional knowledge that has proven 
particularly valuable in navigating the political intricacies inherent to the energy and
natural resources industry.

Kent Cravens
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Kent is a New Mexico native with family roots to farming and ranching in the Estancia Valley.  He attended New Mexico Military Institute and finished High School at Albuquerque's Manzano.  Kent attended UNM where he studied Civil Engineering and Business.

Kent and Melanie, his wonderful wife of 32 years, have owned several successful small businesses.  Melanie has since retired from owning and operating AlphaGraphics in Albuquerque, a high end visual communications franchise.  Their three children are all grown up but learned how to work in the family business.

Kent was elected to the NM Senate in 1999 and served three terms.  While in the senate Kent was instrumental in establishing New Mexico's Ignition Interlock program which is recognized as one of the nations most innovative and effective strategies for dealing with DWI.  Kent was also known as a hardcore supporter of business and economic development.

Kent left the senate in 2011 and is now Director of Governmental Affairs at New Mexico Oil and Gas Association whose members are responsible for 90% of O&G production in the state.  Approximately 35 % of all revenues to the state of New Mexico can be attributed to Oil and Gas production in the state.     

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