October 8th, 2013


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..an indoor mall too! Really!

If you Google Earth the Drury/St Vincent's site..it's bigger than the Plaza. This is a big deal for us Santa Feans. Sure there's competing hotels with just-completed big renovations. Sure visitors to the Plaza/Downtown are not spending like they have..and downtown retail vacancies are up. Just when there wasn't  much to be excited about..in rides the DRURY posse to our rescue??
Inspired or foolhardy
Boon or Bust
one thing we gotta give them DRURY folks; they've got MOXIE!! As Capitalist we LOVE risk takers, economy drivers. We didn't exactly have people lined up around the Plaza to renovate the old St Vincent's Hospital. If Drury hadn't come along, we were faced with having to condemn and raze it or turn it into an organic mulch processing and bagging (tree-killing paper) plant employing two people part time at a time when this City is in perilous financial shape. 

This could be one or the biggest economic occurrences of our downtown's future, or??? 

of course 
we got the guys and gals 

BRIAN NENNINGER/Project Manager/Drury Santa Fe
Brian received his Bachelor degree in electrical engineering in 1991.  Currently a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) with a specialty in electrical and industrial power, Brian's career has included project management for Dow Chemical Company.  In his 17 years with Dow, Brian was involved with project management, construction and development of petrochemical facilities around the world.  In 2005, he joined Drury Southwest, Inc., and is the Director of Hotel Real Estate Acquisitions.  Brian also works in a Development Manager capacity on various full and select-service hotel projects for Drury Southwest, Inc., and as a franchise partner of Starwood Hotels in the U.S.  He has been involved with the Santa Fe Drury Plaza project since 2006.

MAUREEN MESTAS/Art Center Creator
Drury Santa Fe
Maureen has maintained a lifetime interest in fine art since grade school when she won her first regional art competition.  As an adult, her interest in fine art evolved into that of a collector and then gallery manager for one of Santa Fe's premier fine art galleries.  Her art education and training have been both formal - art studies at UNM and College of Santa Fe - and practical, as she learned the styles and works of historical and contemporary artists through her travels around the world.  Since 2003, Maureen has been involved full time in real estate and residential home construction in the Santa Fe area.  She continues her gallery interests through Mestas Fine Art, a private brokerage of original work, consignment and auction representation. 

Maureen completed her Bachelor degree (Magna Cum Laude) at College of Santa Fe in psychology.  Her PhD studies in clinical psychology were at Fielding Institute.  She graduated from Harvard Law School Program On Negotiation (PON) Master program. 

 MARK HOGAN/Architect

Don't miss today's program..everybody has an opinion on this project but almost no one knows what is really going on.


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