July 9th, 2013



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July 9th, 5:30-6:30 pm 
Rio Chama Restaurant, President's Room  


BOY, just when we get the good news that the employer segment of OBAMA CARE is on the ropes, we learn more about the proposed changes to the..

City Charter
Our City's"Constitution"


Full time Mayor. At $150,000 plus..sounds ok, right?
But, NO qualifications???!! Sounds like someone already in the pipeline is behind this to make sure we don't get the first go-getter in 25 years and blow life into this business dead community.
Are we the only one's concerned about the alarming number of vacancies downtown.
 So, if the same ol same ol have their way: We'll get a go-nowhere Mayor, with a very narrow, self serving, anti-business agenda, leading a business-dead community for TEN years!! Oh, we get it. If we wait 10 more years, most people who remember the last decent, forward moving government are either dead, senile, moved away, immovably part of the problem or ready to retire. 

Or, here's one..

Redistricting. Is it done?  If done, do redistricted folks get to vote along with paying GRT? Of course!!! Cap Forum members say..but wait, there are those who say not-this-time and only after redistricting. To what district? Still no members at large? What are good City politicians worried about.
Campaign expenditure and donation limits. Hmmm. Could this be the first shot (and quite timely) at qualifying campaign expenditures and donations [for this election].. a precursor to bad politicians stopping the very people who are holding this lackluster economy together, from participating. 
Starting to get the picture how important this election is to existing politicians wanting to be Mayor?

 But you know you can count on your Program Committee to get the best possible speakers to get some answers.
We are thrilled Nancy Long and John Hiatt have accepted our invitation to address us. A lot of us know these two and are anxious to hear them. 

Nancy Long

Commission Vice Chairman. Nancy has been practicing law for 30 years here in SantaFe where she currently is President of Long, Komer and Associates. She has served or is serving on the Board of Century Bank, New Mexico Highlands University, N.M. Educational Assistance Foundation. S.F. Ethics and Campaign Board, St. Vincent's Hospital an S.F. Community Foundation as well as several other entities. 


Jack is head of his own law firm both practicing law and consulting in legal matters for various government entities. He has served in senior positions with Santa Fe County,Public Regulation Commission, NM Taxation and Revenue Department, NM Attorney General's Office and the City of Santa Fe. He serves currently on the Charter Commission. 


NOTE: Shockingly, we still don't see evidence of solid, non-whimsical proposals the would boost our economy..but maybe Nancy and Jack know something.

We are working on a side issue that could be of real interest in this year's City elections!!! 

See you on the 9th!

Make no mistake about it..our programs, assembly, thoughts, comments and questions are having a significant effect here in Santa Fe, the State of New Mexico and way, way beyond. 




Rio Chama Restaurant 
Tuesday, July 9TH
President's Room
5:30 to 6:30pm 
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