February 12th, 2013

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Tuesday, FEBRUARY 12th
"Rail Yard"


...one of the biggest gambles in the City of Santa Fe history !!!!!
We all drive by it, shop it, attend functions, eat at the restaurants..but is all OK??!!  
-the mega plex movie theatre?
-the large sq. ft. taken by City?
-the restaurants, retail?
Could be good..Could be great!
Taxpayers are like shareholders. They have an investment in their communities through their payment of taxes.

IS it unreasonable to suggest that they deserve clear, concise and understandable annual reports on the execution of the community responsibilities and the return on their investments?


Richard Czoski, President/CEO of the Rail Yard Corporation is coming to report on "our investment" in the Rail Yard Project, created and in part financed by the City of Santa Fe. (ie the citizens of Santa Fe.) Executive Director of the Santa Fe Railyard Community Corporation, Richard has been involved with the Santa Fe Railyard Project for 8 years. He led the effort to obtain  the  City approvals, lease the projects sites to developers and construct $14 million in infrastructure. 10 years ago Mr. Czoski relocated to Santa Fe to take a position with BGK Group. Prior to that he resided in Denver where he managed a region for Brookfield Properties comprised of 4 million SF of commercial property in the Southwestern US. He was also  an Equity Vice President with LaSalle Partners and worked as a Project Manager in the Middle East on large construction projects.

In addition we are pleased that
Sarah Noss, Executive Director, The Farmers Market Institute, ("the" anchor tenant of the Rail Yard development)..

will be on hand to give us a quick overview of the Farmers Market which is the anchor tenant of the Rail Yard development. Sarah is the Executive Director of the Farmers Market Institute and will report on their success and their contribution to the program.


We welcome movie theater executives interests who's input to date is sorely missed in the area and whom we believe are still potential tenants there.

And we of course always welcome any members of the City's elected or professional staff who would like to contribute to the report.