January 8th, 2013


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 TONIGHT!! Tuesday, January 8th
Let's celebrate three things tonight!

1. Our new name 
2. A new year
3. The prospect that this will be the first time our elected and public servants will show us that there is "NO" nobility in being last!!

Just when we feel we could not possibly be last in one more category we find we are "dead last in the U.S. for job growth". And, tied for 36th in 'business-friendliness".
Colorado, Texas and Utah are on the move-upwardly. We are are on the move; downward. By golly, NM even trails California and Nevada!

Governor Martinez' idea: 65 million in business tax cuts, etc..

Democrats' Idea: Expand Medicaid; producing 6-8000 jobs and 5-8 billion in economic activity.  

Question: Are the wheels completely coming off??

Our members are good at digging to get the bottom line-no matter how ugly it might be. Don't miss tonight! 


 The "NO" Brothers 
These two public servants at least have an appreciation of the magnitude of our economic woes and hopefully mandates to effectuate "jack brakes" on this mess??!! 

State Senator John Arthur Smith  and David Abbey

John Arthur Smith, a State Senator for 24 years from Hildalgo, Luna and Sierra Counties, is known throughout New Mexico and the Halls of the Roundhouse as being as fiscally conservative as they come and unwavering when the winds of wastefulness howl throughout the big kiva.

At a time when the economic stakes of our State could hardly be higher, John Arthur Chairs the all-powerful Senate Finance Committee!

David Abbey, who it has been said "may be the most important person the average New Mexican has never heard of", heads up the powerful Legislative Finance Committee where he oversees a 6 billion budget, and leads economists and analysts who help state legislators set spending priorities and find the $ [??]to pay for them!  

A rare opportunity for our members to have both these men in one room just days before the upcoming 60 day legislative session where so many do or die issues are in a seemingly intractable state.