September 15th, 2012

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Capitalism and Rare Earth Minerals

According to yesterday's WSJ, the Chinese are all over it !! How so?
China: 2008 accounted for 20% of world's solar panels; today, 50%. 
U.S.: 3%. US installations are at an all time high. Why is this a big deal? Each panel contains rare earth minerals and China has largest
developed concentration of rare earth minerals. Hmmm. Could they be moving to (control) solar market?!  Whoa! New Mexico to the rescue!?

We've all heard about them, but.. 
What are they? Where are they? 
What do they mean to our life, economy?
What strategic value do they hold?
Is it true New Mexico could be a big part of the world's Rare Earth Mineral future?!
How big is big?!

Your Program Committee
has of course lined up a top notch panel to address the
 above topic, questions and much more!!!

Your  Panel 

JC Clema
Mining and Geological Industrial Consultants
JC will discuss the importance of mining in today's economy, an overview of rare earth minerals in our everyday life and a world prospective of the strategic value of rare earth minerals.

John Bemis
Secretary, New Mexico Department of Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources
John will give us the overall prospective of New Mexico's economy realitive to mining and the mining industry; New Mexico's unique place in the world of rare earth minerals.

Fransisco Martinez
Mining and Minerals Division, 
NM Department of Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources
New Mexico's Rare Earth Minerals; locations, process of extraction. Opposition? Surely not !!!

 This is FOC's Fall Kickoff. Please join us and bring a friend.