May 8th, 2012

Friends of Capitalism

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Tuesday, May 15th
S A M E  P L A C E
President's Room, Rio Chama Restaurant



It has been said that there is no more important topic than that of our children and their education. We'll that may be the case in other states of the Union..but is it all that important here in New Mexico, really?!

There must be at least some in this state that feel there is some nobility in being last in an area that some of us and most of the U.S. feel is 'the' most important subject.

Where does F.O.C. or anyone begin with a state that has been 49th (or thereabouts) in the Nation for poor results in education as far back as anyone can remember?

Recently, Intel was fined by the State of New Mexico for not hiring enough New Mexicans!??!!. 

What is the economic impact on our State, and even more important, on our citizens for this level of educational performance??
How do we rank in dollar expenditure per student at various levels of the educational experience? 
How do our educational results affect NEW economic prospects of the state, economic development of all kinds and retention of current economic generators? Is this an area for more talk (posturing) or some (gasp!) action?!! 

To discuss this continuing phenomena and dubious status, FOC is honored to have three major players in the world of New Mexico education join us to discuss the facts, plans and programs.

Our Panel and Moderator


 Dr. Jose Z. Garcia was appointed Secretary of Higher Education by Gov. Susana Martinez.  Prior to joining the Governor's cabinet, Secretary Garcia enjoyed a long and fruitful career at NMSU as a political scientist specializing in Latin America and US-Mexico border politics. He also developed a speciality in NM politics and was a co-founder of the Paso del Norte Water Task Force. The Higher Education Department's task, with which he is in charge, is to insure that the institutions of higher learning in NM act in concert as a single coherent and efficient system that can respond effectively to the State's changing work force needs, with emphasis on providing a globally competitive workforce for the future. 

Hipolito "Paul" Aguilar.  Deputy Secretary of Education.  Paul began his career in education as a teacher and administrator in the Bernalillo Public School District. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Special Education and a Master's Degree in Education Administration, both from NM Highlands University. Prior to being appointed as Deputy Secretary, Paul served as Principal Analyst at the Legislative Finance Committee of the New Mexico State Legislature where he provided ongoing fiscal and policy oversight of NM's Institutions of Higher Education, the NM Higher Education Department, Public K-12 Education, the Public Education Department and the Public Schools Facilities Authority. 


Dr. Melville Morgan, former Deputy Superintendent of Santa Fe Public Schools and current Director of Finance for the City of Santa Fe. Mel has 26 years experience in a multifaceted career that includes public service in schools, school districts, State Department of Education, NM and Texas Universities and now the City. A fifth generation eastern-side New Mexican, Mel is the first educator in NM to receive a "Friend of Education Award" from NM NEA to be presented this October at their annual State Convention.