April 10th, 2012

New Mexico reportedly has the highest number of PhD's per capita of any of the 50 States. We have 2 National Labs, multiple institutes of higher learning, and numerous defense installations. So what is it that caused our previous State leadership to focus on the film industry to bring economic success and growth to our State? Why did we think we could out bribe competitive States in bringing filmdom to New Mexico? With two large studios in Albuquerque and
one at the College of Santa Fe, why did we need another located across from the state prison paid for by the citizens of New Mexico?

Your program committee has rounded up a panel of experts to demistify the myths, explain the past, define the present, and forecast the future for New Mexico's seduction of this industry. 

HOWARD RUBIN  is founder and partner of IMA, a talent agency in Beverly Hills, California. Director of the New Mexico Motion Picture Promotion Commission. Trust Manager and Investor, Howard A. Rubin, Inc. (pinonranch.org)

NICK MANIATIS  was appointed Director of the New Mexico Film Office in July 2011. Nick worked in many capacities in film and television production thoughout his career, including, "Grace Under Fire", "A Different World"and "Candid Camera". Nick is a former member of the Director's Guild of America and Governor's Council on Film and Media Industries. The New Mexico Film Office works diligently to attract production; post production and digital media companies to New Mexico for economic growth and job creation.

ERIC WITT  served as Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Legislative /Political Affairs for Governor Bill Richardson from 2003-2011. He also oversaw the growth of New Mexico's modern film industry and the establishment of technical and creative degree programs at high schools and colleges statewide. Prior to public service, Eric was EVP of Corporate and Production Finance for Dino De Laurentis' production company in Los Angeles and was co-founder of Asylum Entertainment, a creator of original movie, television and video gaming and graphic novel properties.


REMEMBER:  TODAY, April 10th, 5:30p.m.!!

Rio Chama Steak House, President's Room