March 13th, 2012

This month we are pleased to have as our presenter, Victor Marshall, speaking on the "Matrix of Corruption".

Victor Marshall heads up Victor Marshall and Associates P.C. headquartered in Albuquerque. Victor Marshall and Associates is an experienced law firm that handles a sophisticated practice with high standards and minimal waste and with particular emphasis in complex business litigation, insurance company regulation and insolvencies, defamation and media law and special emphasis in Civil Practice, Commercial Litigation, State and Federal Constitutional Law, Water Law, First Amendment Media Law, Insurance Regulation and Employment Law.  
Victor was admitted to the NM Bar in l975 and is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard University. Member of NM Senate 1985-92 and vice chairman and co-chairman of Judiciary Committee, l987-88 and l989-90 respectively. Member: Corporations Committee, Public Affairs Committee an Education Committees.  Co-sponsor of l988 Constitutional Amendment for Merit Selection of Judges and member, NM Federal Judicial Selection Committee, 1980-82.

In July 2008, Victor filed the first pay to play lawsuit on behalf of whistle blower Frank Foy, former Chief Investment Officer of the Education Retirement Board. Since then, they claim to have helped uncover a web of corruption - "A Matrix of Corruption" - involving the highest levels of the Richardson administration. The "Matrix" reaches from New Mexico to Texas, NY and California.

Tonight Victor will discribe:
How Richardson installed his operatives at the State Investment Council and ERB;
How Anthony Correa (friend of Bill) arranged $22 million in kickbacks on SIC and ERB investments;
How NM schoolteacher money was used to pay bribes in New York;
WHO the "players" are !
Why campaign contributions are only a small part of the corruption.
How New Mexico taxpayer money ($7 million and counting) is being used to cover the "defendant's" legal fees!! 

Note: Victor has never been accused of not being passionate and no one to date can claim to have fallen asleep during one of his presentations.